Download and install LightLinky through Google Play. You can find a link in the left side of this web!.
Open Lightlinky in your phone and the system will assign you and API-KEY for your smartphone. Click 'See API-KEY' button.
Download addon for your web browser/OS. You can find a link in the left side of this web!.
*FireFox users: If you don't see the tool bar, go to See-> Tools Bar-> Addon Bar en check this option.
Click on Lightlinky extension button in your browser. Opening the first time, it shows the configuration screen automatically. If this screen do not appear, click on 'Re-sync browser with device button'.
Write the API-KEY showed by LightLinky app and write a message to identify the browser (optional).
If the API-KEY is correct, you will recieve a configuration linky in your smartphone. Click on message and accept it. Next, you must write a name for your browser, to identificate it in future.
Finished the configuration process, now you can send linkys to your smartphone. You can do it from addon's icon and, in some browser, from right-click menu when you select a link or text.
Clicking 'Send' button, the system will send your linky to your smartphone automatically, and you will recieve it in a few seconds.
Congratulations! Now you know how to use lightlinky! And remember that you can create new categories, group your linkys and many other options! Just tap one linky and you will find them!. Enjoy it!